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One way that they are related is called the Pythagorean theorem. C squared = b squared + c squared. c being the hypotenuse, and a and b being the legs.

If it is a special right triangle, such as a 45-45-90 or 30-60-90, there are other ratios which describe their relationships.

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Q: How are the sides realated in a right triangle?
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How many sides does a right triangle have?

Any triangle has three sides, whether it is a right triangle or not.

Who has more sides a right triangle or equilateral?

right triangle and equilateral triangle both have 3 sides

How many pairs of equal sides does a right triangle have?

Unless it is a right isosceles triangle, a normal right triangle has no pairs of equal sides.

Which is not a quadrilateral a rhobus a rectangle a right triangle or a trapezoid?

A right triangle is not a quadrilateral. A quadrilateral is a polygon with four sides, while a right triangle has only three sides.

What shape has three sides that are not equal but have a right angle?

with the three sides you know it will be a triangle, it is a right triangle, it is not an equilateral triangle or an isosceles triangle... so it must be a right scalene triangle

How many sides does a right angle triangle have?

It has 2 equal sides of right triangle.

Hat is a triangle with no equal sides?

A triangle with no equal sides and no right angle is a scalene triangle

The two shorter sides in a right triangle?

In a right triangle, the two shorter sides are called legs.

Does a right angled triangle have all equal sides?

right angled triangle does not have all equal sides

Are 8 6 10 sides of a right triangle?

A triangle has 3 sides.

What triangle has one right angle and all three sides are different lengths?

A triangle with a right angle and different lengths for sides is a right, scalene triangle.

Does a right-angled triangle have any equal sides?

A right-angled triangle can have equal sides, but does not have to. A right-angled triangle with two equal sides CANNOT be an equilateral triangle. A right-angled triangle cannot be an equilateral triangle.Divide a square along the diagonal, and you are left with two right-angled triangles with two sides of equal length.