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Q: How believable is a story like The Cold Equations?
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Do the characters seem like real people?

That depends on which story you are reading!Every story has characters - some of them are believable and others are not. You'll have to make that determination for every story you read.

How are functions like linear equations?

Most functions are not like linear equations.

Which character is the most believable in The Lightning Thief?

The character that is most believable in "the Light Thief' is Percy Jackson. The problems and solutions that he faces are in the most human like.

What characters should you have for your story?

Whatever characters you are interested in! Nobody can write your story except for you. Characters should be believable and seem to be real people -- not perfect or super-powerful. They should have enough interesting quirks to make the readers like them, and should make enough mistakes to make them human.

What is a believable character?

a believable character would be a person who can really feel how that character is feeling and playing the part of there roll. it is really easy to be a believable character if you have studied the play very much and try to focus on your character.

In the short story the sniper what is an example of a personification?

An example of personification in the short story "The Sniper" is when the sniper's hands are described as "numbed with the cold." This personification gives human qualities to the hands by suggesting that they can feel cold like a person.

What is a consistent character?

A consistent character is a well-developed, believable character in a story who behaves in a predictable manner based on their established traits, personality, and motivations. Consistency in a character's actions and decisions helps to maintain the audience's engagement and suspension of disbelief throughout the story.

How to formulate the Basic equations of the atmosphere?

To formulate the basic equations of the atmosphere, one typically starts with the fundamental equations of fluid motion, such as the Navier-Stokes equations, and then incorporates additional factors like conservation of mass, energy, and moisture. These equations are applied to describe the dynamics of the atmosphere, including phenomena like wind patterns, temperature variations, and precipitation. Simplified forms of these equations, such as the primitive equations or the equations used in numerical weather models, are commonly used in atmospheric science.

When developing a character it is useful to ask what?

When developing a character, it is useful to ask questions about their background, motivations, desires, and fears. Understanding these aspects can help you create a well-rounded and believable character that drives the story forward.

Who is the author of a crime story about a detective with a very bad cold When reading aloud the detective's direct speech you really sounded like suffering from a bad cold?

Alan Moore

What are joint variation equations?

Joint variation equations are equations that have a variable equal to the product of two or more other variables and usually a coefficient. For example, an equation like x=2yz.

What do quadratic equations look like?

ax2 + bx + c