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I just read the answer and it doesn't help what so ever

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Q: How can estimating be helpful before finding an actual product?
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How can estimating be helpful before finding the actual product?

It is helpful because when you are finished estimating (for example: multpliying, diving, adding or subtracting) it's like checking your work that's why it can be helpful to estimate before finding the actual product.

How can estimating be helpful before finding the actual product in mulpliying?

Early estimation can help give an indication of the answer.

How is finding the distance of a coordinate plane helpful to archaeologist?

It helps them to relate their mapped information to the actual site.

How can estimating be helpful before gettin an actual answer?

Estimating can be helpful before getting an actual answer because it allows you to make quick calculations and get a rough idea of what the final answer might be. It helps in determining if the answer is reasonable or if there might be a mistake in the calculations. Estimating can also save time and effort by giving a sense of whether further calculations are necessary or if the rough estimate is sufficient.

How does an actual costing system different from a normal costing system?

actual is the actual cost, normal is estimating

Can a driving global positioning system be used for finding geocaches?

It's decent for urban caches, but the further you get from an actual road, the less helpful it will be.

How can estimating the product help you place the decimal point?

Ex: 52.73 x 384.12 Round to 50 x 400 = 20,000 so when you do the actual math you know that there are 5 places to the left of the decimal.

How can estimating products help you to place a decimal correctly?

By estimating the product it gives an indication of how big the final answer should be; knowing this, the decimal point can be put in to give an answer of the correct size. For example if the product estimate is 125 and the actual answer (without the decimal point) is 136728, then the decimal point needs to be inserted to make the answer about 125; the place is therefore after the 136, making the answer 136.728 (= 5.4 x 25.32 ≈ 5 x 25 = 125)

What is the total income of Mumbai?

No way of estimating. Only the salaried people declare their actual income.All others may not be declaring their actual income.

Where can I get Volkswagen accessories?

My suggestion for you finding true Volkswagen accessories would be the actual VW site. I also found that the site autoanything should be helpful as well. You can also visit Ebay and Amazon for a variety of VW accessories.

What is the product formed when conducting an actual experiment is referred to as?

Actual yield.

What does mean by actual product?

When 2 or more numbers are multiplied the answer is the product