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Q: How can i parellel park in easy way?
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Can you connect 7 alternators parallel?

why in parellel .of alternator connected in parellel

Quadrangle with no pairs of parellel sides?

How do you draw a quadrangle with no parellel sides?

What is a quadrilateral with opposite sides that are parellel?

Nothing. 'parellel' is not a word. therefore nothing can 'be' it.

Is a triangle parellel?


A hexagon with only one pair of parellel sides?

A hexagon with only one pair of parellel sides

What is a 3 dimensional figure with 2 congruent parellel bases that are polygons?

If, by parellel you mean parallel, the answer is a prism.

Does a triangle has parellel lines?


What is a parellel?

Opposite of something

What are lines in the same plane that never intersect and are always the same distance apart?

parellel lines

Which stick is parallel stick s?

Parallel. An easy way to remember that is the ll in parellel. Parallel lines do not met,cross,conect, or any of those things. The two ll`s are not conecting is a trick to remember it. Perpendicular lines have a right angle (90 degre) Just like L. Here are some parellel letters: E F H I M N W Z. Some perpandicular letters are:L T E F H I K. Easy, right? If your talking about a garden stick or a twig take two and make them parallel!

Which is correct - an easy way or a easy way?

AN easy way

How do you draw parellel lines?

draw one line, then keeping the rule orientated the same way, slide it slightly out from the line, then draw another line. as long as the lines would never cross each other (even if you extended them passed the end of your paper) they are parellel.