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The diagonals of a square for example divides it into 4 isosceles triangles

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Q: How can quadrilaterals be formed by using 4 isosceles triangles?
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How many triangles makes a rhombus?

Two equilateral triangles can form a rhombus- it can also be formed by using a higher number of isosceles triangles.

A sentence using isosceles?

Out of the 3 different kinds of triangles, my favorite is the isosceles.

Can you make 2 exact triangles using exactly 9 toothpicks?

If one of the nine toothpicks is the common base of the two congruent isosceles triangles with sides formed by two toothpicks.

How many triangles make a rhombus?

Two equilateral triangles can form a rhombus- it can also be formed by using a higher number of isosceles triangles.

How do you form a picture using triangles and quadrilaterals?

Use different colours and tessalation. Works for me.

How many triangles can be formed in octagon using the vertices of the octagon as the vertices of triangle?

There are 48 triangles that can be formed because 6 triangles can be formed usin each point multiplied by 8.

What are the properties of isosceles triangles?

All isosceles triangles: - Have angles that add up to 180 degrees - Have two equal sides. The unequal side is called the base. - Have equal base angles. - Have areas and perimeters that can be found using the formulas Area=1/2 X (base X height) and Perimeter=side+side+side An equilateral triangle with a right angle is called a right isosceles triangle. Also, all equilateral triangles are isoceles triangles, but not all isosceles triangles are right triangles.

Is it possible to make large square using only isosceles triangle?

Yes 2 congruent right angle isosceles triangles joined together will make a square

All equilateral triangles are also isosceles triangles?

True or False, depending on your definition of isosceles triangles!Actually, whether your answer is true or false depends upon your definition of an isosceles triangle. Some mathematicians define an isosceles triangle as one with at least two sides, while others define an isosceles triangle as one with exactly two sides. The latter definition is the more generally accepted one. Since an equilateral triangle has three, not exactly two congruent sides, people using the second definition of isosceles triangles would say that the statement is false, not true.False because an equilateral triangle has 3 equal sides whereas an isosceles triangle has only 2 equal sides

How do you find the perimeter of a parallelogram using Pythagorean theorem?

you can't, because the Pythagorean theorem is for right triangles and the triangles formed by the diagonal of a parallelogram are not right triangles.

How many possible equilateral triangles can be formed using above dotes?

You have to specifically give the problem with the dots, but it can form all equilateral triangles.. .. . .. . . .

What shape is formed using 5 congruent triangles and has 5 vertices 5 angles 5 sides?


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