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There is no need to do prime factorization as prime numbers are already prime. You do not need to find the prime numbers that when multiplied together create the number.

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Q: How can you do prime factorization with prime numbers?
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Do all prime numbers have prime factorization?

There is no need to do prime factorization as prime numbers are already prime.

What is prime fatorization?

prime factorization is the factorization of numbers

Does the prime factorization of any composite number include prime and composite numbers?

Prime factorization never includes a composite number. All numbers in prime factorization must be prime numbers.

What makes a factorization of a number a prime factorization?

When all the factors are prime numbers, that's a prime factorization.

Is there a prime factorization for prime numbers?


What numbers prime factorization is 2x2x2x3x3x5x5?

The prime factorization of 1800 is 2x2x2x3x3x5x5

What is the prime factorization of 2x2x5x7x11?

Actually 2x2x5x7x11 is a prime factorization and on multiplying these numbers we get 1540. Prime factorization of a number is the prime numbers which on multiplying together give that number.

Does everynumber have a prime factorization?

No. Prime numbers are already prime. Every composite number has a prime factorization.

What are the 6 consecutive prime numbers of 180?

The prime factorization of 180 is 2x2x3x3x5. Six consecutive prime numbers do not exist in its factorization.

Which prime factorization was given these numbers 225711?

Prime factorization of 225711 is 3x3x31x809.

What is the factorization in which all the factors are prime numbers of a number?

That's the prime factorization.

Is 2x3x5 a prime factorization?

Yes, 2x3x5 is a prime factorization because it has prime numbers multiplied to give a number. It is the prime factorization of 30.