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Q: How can you easily alert yourself that you have two days left to approve a statement?
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How can you easily alert yourself that have two days left to approved your statement?

I can set up an event alert in Event Driven Notification and specify that I want an email sent to me two days before my statement needs approval

Which of the following statement isare true for chocking parked vehicles on the airfield?

Alert or emergency vehicles responding to an emergency/alert are exempt from chocking when parked

Who should one alert if one witnesses a hit and run accident?

If one witnesses a hit and run accident they should first alert the ambulance service to get medical treatment to that person. They should then alert the police to provide a witness statement.

How do you Approve people on Twitter?

When you have a private account, you will receive an alert on your Twitter home page informing you of any requests. Clicking on that will allow you to accept or deny the request.

How do you approve someone on Twitter?

If you have protected tweets on Twitter then those wishing to follow you will have to send you a request. To "approve" this request, an alert along the lines of "2 requests" will appear on your homepage. Clicking on it will allow you to approve or deny the requests. If you have email alerts turned on then you'll also receive a link to do this in an email. Most apps don't allow you to approve/deny requests and so you'll have to do it on the web version.

Why are chickens so alert?

Chickens are so Alert, because they are made of breasts, thighs, wings, and drumsticks, and they are very tasty. You would be alert too, if your spilled a quart of gravy all over yourself, and were walking around in the jungle in the middle of the night.

How do you say alert in spanish?

The direct translation to the English word Alert is Alerto in Spanish. However, the usage of the word in English could change the translation. In Spanish the words for vigilant, awake, warn, alarm, or advise/advisory could be used instead of alert depending on the context of the sentence or statement.

Using an Emergency Alert System to Save Your Life?

Sometimes, you will find yourself in a position where you cannot properly care for yourself all the time. This may be because of your age or because of some other type of medicated problem, but the result is the same no matter what the reasoning is behind it. These problems can lead to you finding yourself in an emergency situation that you can't quite get yourself out of, and that's why you should consider using an emergency alert system to alert others in case of emergency. Since you may not be in full possession of your faculties, these alerts will automatically send emergency services to you.

Why is it important to remain alert to the presence of hazards when dealing with machinery equipment?

It is important to remain alert to the presence of hazards, because a hazard is something with potential to cause harm. If you are aware of your surroundings, you minimize the chances of hurting yourself.

Why do you hurt yourself?

Pain is like an alert that something is wrong and needs to change. Like you're doing something that's bad for you..

Why did cowboys on the trail need to especially alert during a thunderstorm?

Because the storm would scare the cattle away

What does it mean when you try hurting yourself in your dream?

The dream could be an alert from the dreamer's own mind that some behavior of the dreamer's is self-destructive.