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You cannot do that since 5 rows x 4 trees = 20 trees total. But we have 10 trees to plant!

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Q: How can you plant 10 trees in 5 rows with 4 in each row witha diagram?
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How do you plant 10 trees in 5 rows with four plants in each?

Plant them in a star, with four trees in each line.

If there is 48 rows of trees and 12 trees in each row how many trees will have to plant in each row?

I believe you said there'd be 12 in each row.

How do you plant 12 trees in 5 rows with 4 trees in each row?

You don't

What are the common factors for 85?

Dale wants to plant some rows of evergreens and some rows of deciduous trees.He has 36 evergreens and 20 deciduous trees to plant. He wants to plant the same number of trees in each rows.How many trees will Dale plant in each row.

How can you plant ten trees in five rows with olny four trees in each row?

Draw a star shape, and plant a tree at each point where 2 lines intersect.

If you have 10 apples trees how can you plant them so that you have 5 rows of 4 trees?

Draw a pentagon. Extend the sides to construct a five pointed star. Plant a tree at each point and each intersection.

A farmer wishes to plant 6 trees in 4 rows so that each row contains 3 trees How can this be done?

Plant the in the shape of an arrowhead with intersecting lines from the middle bottom point. Plant the trees at every corner!!

How can you plant 10 trees in 5 straight lines so that there are 4 trees in each line?

Impossible. If there MUST be 5 straight lines, then there can only be 2 trees in each line. This gives 5 straight lines with 2 trees each (or 2 straight lines with 5 trees each) ** ** ** ** **

A landscape gardener is given instructions to plant 4 special trees so that each 1 is exactly the same distance from each other how would you arrange the trees?

Dig a triangular pyramid into the ground, plant one tree at each vertex.

If you have ten trees and plant them in five rows with four in each how is this possible?

you borrow 10 trees from someone else or you could be smart and make the trees into a star shape

How can a farmer plant six trees in four rows so that each row contains three trees?

Draw a large X. Extend the feet so its base is wider than its top. Plant four trees at the ends of the X lines and one where the two lines cross. Draw two lines from the two bottom trees up to the two outer top trees and continue the lines till they meet. Plant a tree there. Four rows of trees, with three trees in each row. QED.

5 rows of trees with 4 trees in each what is the least amount of trees do you need?

10 trees. Draw a five-pointed star. Plant a tree at each of the points and five more where the lines intersect.xx x x xx xxx x

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