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If the line slants up and to the right, it has a positive slope. If it is slanting up and to the left, it has a negative slope.

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Q: How can you tell from a graph on a line what type of slope it has?
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What type of line is always found on a graph of constant speed?

it depends on what the graph is. if it is a distance vs time graph, the line will be a line with the slope being the speed/total time if it is a speed vs. time graph, the line will be horizontal at y=the speed if it is an acceleration vs time graph, the line will be horizontal at y=0

When there is no change in value from one data point to the next in a line graph what type of slope does the line that connects them have?

The slope is zero. Slope is rise over run, the rise is zero, so zero divided by anything is zero.

What type of graph has a constant slope?


What type of motion is occurring when the slope of a velocity vs time graph is changing?

A motion described as a changing, positive velocity results in a sloped line when plotted as a velocity-time graph. If the acceleration is zero, then the slope is zero (i.e., a horizontal line). If the acceleration is positive, then the slope is positive (i.e., an upward sloping line). If the acceleration is negative, then the slope is negative (i.e., a downward sloping line).

How would you tell what type of graph you use?

You usually want to use a bar graph. If you have a year of data you probably want to use a line graph.

What of data type of graph?

line graph

Which type of graph is similar to a line graph?

A bar graph.

This type of graph is excellent for showing business cycles?

line graphThe most preferred type of graph to use for change over time is the line graph.

What type of correlation is a straight line with no slope?

The straight line with no slope is a point

What type of motion is occurring when the slope of a position vs time graph is changing?

The slope of a position/time graph is the speed (magnitude of velocity).If the graph's slope is changing, that means the speed is changing, andthat would be accelerated motion.

What type of graph do you use for speed?

Line graph.

Which type of graph is data plotted by a point on the graph?

line graph

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