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Q: How can you use 2x8 equals 16 to find 3x8?
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How can you use a 2s fact and a 1s fact to find 3x8?

3x8 with1s and 2s fact looks like this: =(2x8)+(1x8) =16+8 =24

How can you use 2x8 to find 4x8?

8+8+8+8 ________________________________________ Multiply (2x8) by 2

Eight times a number subtract of twenty?

Any number or does it equal to something?lets just use random numbers for this(1x8)-20=-12(2x8)-20=-4(3x8)-20=4(4x8)-20=12do you noice a pattern. The formula for this would be 8n-20. The numbers are also always 8 apart so if you needed to work out 100 and 99(100x8)-20=720(99x8)-20=712

How can you use a 2s fact and 1s fact to find 3x8?

(1 x 3 ) x ( 2 X 4) = 24

How can you use 2 x 8 to find 4 x 8?

You double the product of 2x8.2x8 equals 16. 16 doubled which equal 16x2 equals 32.4x8 equals 32.

How do you make 24 by using 1 3 7 8 if you need to use them all?

7-3= 4-1= 3x8= 24

If 5x3 equals 4 and 2x8 equals 2 and 6x3 equals 3 find the value of 1x7?

the solution to this problem is simple. all of the digits in each equation add up to 12. now if you don't get what I'm saying, heres what i mean: 5x3=4. the digits are 5, 3, and 4. Of course, they add up to twelve. 2x8=2. the digits are 2, 8, and 2. They also add up to twelve 6x3=3. the digits are 6, 3, and 3. They also add up to twelve. Now the actual question is what does 1x7 equal. now that you know how to do it, this will be easy. currently, the digits are 1, and 7 which equal 8. you need 4 to get to twelve. so now the digits are 7, 1 and 4. please do not use this to cheat on your school work. the final answer is 4.

What property can you use to find the missing number for 10x equals 0?

You would use the Property Of Zero

What equation would you use to find the volume of a rectangular a.volume equals lengthwidthheight b.volume equals length plus width plus height c.volume equals lengthwidth d.volume equals length plus?

The equation to find the volume of a rectangular object is (a) volume equals length times width times height.

Can you use 2-1x8 boards that are laminated with nails and glue instead of a 2x8 for a corner hip rafter 27' long?

I don't see why not. -Luke the carpenter

Use the appropriate form of the percentage formula find p if r equals 33 percent and b equals 400?

Find B if P = 112 and R = 77 7/9

How do you find the length of a right triangle when b equals 1 and c equals sqrt of 10?

The best way to find the length of a right triangle is to use the Pythagorean Theorem. The answer would be A = 3.