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Q: How could people live 800 years during biblical times?
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Were turkeys common in Jerusalem during biblical times?

were turkeys common in Jerusalem during biblical times

Why does the bible reference shepherds so often?

Shepherds and Shepherding were a major occupation during Biblical times. Most people could relate to that reference easily.

Who made the coffee during biblical times?

the hebrews

What was Pakistan called in biblical times?

Pakistan was not called anything during Biblical times. That area of the world was referred to as the Persian Empire.

What were lamb used for during biblical times?

Sacrifice (or food).

What was the house of worship called during Biblical times?

Synagogue or tabernacle

Is Shem also a spacecraft from biblical times?

There were no spacecraft in biblical times, nor is there any modern spacecraft by this name. The Biblical word 'shem' does not mean spacecraft. It cannot since the Hebrews could not and would not(nor would any other semitic people) have a word meaning something which did not exist at that time.

Who were the 2 men who never died during biblical times?

Enoch & elijah

What was leadership like during biblical times?

Monarchies, patriarchies/matriarchies and rule by judges.

Why did people build castles during the medieval period?

So that they could be protected during times of war

What are some uses for water in the biblical times?

drinking.bathing.washing clothes.baptizing people.

When were napkins used during a meal in biblical times?

they were used during the pre-linch prayer period. strictly arabian.