How did Dacians looks like?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: How did Dacians looks like?
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Are dacians Dutch?

No; Dacians in Roman times lived in the Slavic regions (near Romania and Ukraine); the Dutch come from the North-west of Europe.

Are romanians decendents of rome?

Most Romanians are descendants of the Dacians. The Dacian kingdom covered Romania and Moldova and small parts of Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Trajan defeated the Dacians an annexed their territory as the province of Dacia. The Dacians became latitised.

Where did Romania come from?

The territory of Romania is the ancient territory of Dacians.

Who were the dacians?

they were dutch and they were located in Romania which back then Romania was called dacia

What are the people like in Romania?

Romanians are an indo-european people (caucasian type); the ancestors were Dacians, a people from the Thracians group. The Romanian language is a Romanic language.

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Did the Dacians believe in more than one god?

Yes they had a lot of gods.

Who was Trajan's enemy?

He had quite a few, but the Dacians would be ranked number one.

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Where was the dacians tribe before they were in Romania?

Very probable in the East, above Black Sea.

Where are Romania's people descended from?

Romania's people descended from Thracian tribes of Dacians and Getaes.