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Q: How did caramel apples originate?
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Where can you get caramel apples in Manhattan?

Caramel apples are available all over Manhattan. There are many candy shoppes on the west side that carry them.

Where did caramel apple day originate?

well one day there was a guy named caramel who liked apples. So he made a gooey tasty liquid and named it after himself than he put the caramel on an apple. He loved it. When others tried it they couldn't resist and loved it so much they made it a holiday.

How many apples are in the Halloween Caramel Apple & Candy Gift Basket?

There are two caramel apples along with some other goodies in the in the Halloween Caramel Apple & Candy Gift Basket.

What kind of nut is on caramel apples?


Can you make caramel apples with hard caramel candy?

hmmm... maybe but im not quite sure....

How do you use the word caramel in a sentence?

answer it your selves idk morons do u like caramel apples?

How can you make caramel apples without the apple skin?

first get rid of the skin, then dip them in the caramel

Can you melt caramel in a fondue fountain to make caramel apples?

No because the caramel will clog the fondue fountain because it is so sticky

When is the best season to make caramel apples?

The best season to make caramel apples is on a hot day, most likely in the summer. But if you want to use the best apples then you should make them in the apple season.

Which is better candied apples or caramel apples for Halloween?

Depends on peoples preferences.Caramel Apples is my personal favorite for Halloween

What to cover caramel apples with?

Caramel! (Unless you mean to store them, in which case plastic wrap works well.)

Is there an invention that puts caramel inside caramel apples?

It's not an invention, it is a method of making caramel apples... Instead of putting caramel on the outside, you cut the apple in half (core to stem), and hollow out the inside leaving a thin but durable amount of apple, then you place the apples on a cup cake tray (for balance) fill with caramel, let the caramel harden, and then you slice the apple halves. In the end you have a Caramel apple "bite" that is less messy, and just as yummy. Google Caramel apple slices. OR something to that effect they look really cool too.