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he walked through the garden and found it

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Q: How did joesph priestly discover symmetry?
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Who discovered symmetry?

Joesph Priestly

What element did John Priestly discover?


Who is the first person to discover gas?

Joseph priestly

What test did joseph priestly use to discover oxygen?


Did Joseph Priestly discover oxygen?

Joseph priestly dicovered oxygen in 1774 and carl Wilhelm scheele did the same in 1772 but published his findings in 1777 three years after priestly published his findings

Who was joesph brant?

who is joesph brant

When did they discover water molecules?

they discovered water molecules priestly in 1603 but they wanted to investigate water molecules so they knew if it was safe or not.

What was Joesph Priestly job?

Joseph Priestley was a clergyman, scientist, and educator. He is best known for his discovery of oxygen and for his contributions to the fields of chemistry and natural philosophy.

What did joesph lister do?

whatwas joesph listers job

What year did joseph priestly discover the periodic table?

Dont know clever srilankan boy, yes my land gaggie

Who discovered soda?

Joseph Priestley, a British scientist, is credited with discovering soda water in 1767. He created carbonated water by infusing water with carbon dioxide gas, leading to the creation of what we now know as soda or carbonated beverages.

Who was more important joesph lister or Alexander Fleming?

joesph lister