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Q: How do Business contributes to society in many different ways such as?
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How did Barack Obama get started in business?

He is my hero because he changed the society. He is a great man in so many different ways.

What is the relationship between science and business?

Science contributes to the technology used in many businesses these days - in terms of transportation, business systems, business materials, etc.

Who contributes to WikiAnswers?

Everyone who contributes to the site whether or not they are a registered member of the community is considered a contributor. Knowledge is shared on WikiAnswers by many different people from many different places across the world.

Which large business has many offices in many different countries and does many kinds of business?

i don't no !! perhaps you !

How do you think Greek society would have been different if Greece was a landlocked country?

Greece had different society because there were many city-state and they had their own society

What type of society did ancient greek have?

Greece had different society because there were many city-state and they had their own society.

What was business like in New York during the 1920's?

I think that it would have been unique experience to be a businessman in the 1920s because there were so many different activities going on in the business society. Society was becoming more and wealthier because people were investing in stocks and overall contributing to the economy. As a businessman you had the opportunity to recreate the world.

What is a giant business doing many different kinds of business called?

A conglomerate.

What is a Multi-Ethnic Society?

a multi-ethnic society is where many different cultures and races live together in one society.

What is a multi-faith society?

In some countries almost all the citizens are of the same religion. Other countries may have have many religions/faiths, and members of different denominations mix and associate with each other to a greater or lesser degree as each goes about their daily business. The latter are called multifaith societies.

What practical applications for business and technology do you foresee in our society?

There many practical applications for business and technology in the future. It is likely you will see many things become smaller and faster.

What are the factors affecting business policy?

There are many different factors that affect business policy. These different factors range from shareholders to the dividend policy of a certain business.