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Q: How do tailors measure length of gowns?
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What are inches measued for?

Inches are used for measuring length. Tailors measure inches for the length of a man's trousers.

What is the most popular wedding dress style?

plain white Floor-length gowns ranging from A-lines to ball gowns. However knee-length styles are gaining popularity.

What is a proper evening gown length?

The length depends on the formality of the occasion. For semi-formal events (when men wear suits), a cocktail dress is fine. For formal "black-tie" events, tea-length (mid-calf) to ballet-length (ankle-length) gowns are appropriate. For most formal "white-tie" events, gowns should be ballet-length or full-length (floor-length). (Full-length gowns are sometimes called "opera-length".) Debutantes should wear full-length gowns for their debuts. By the way, evening dress should usually be worn only after 6:00 p.m.

Who Uses Tape Measure?

Builders, construction workers, tailors and seamsters; in fact, everyone has at sometime used a tape measure.

What lab equipment is used to measure length?

There are many instruments to measure lengths. But selection of measuring device depends on the maximum length it can measure. For example a small ruler used in schools can measure maximum 15 centimeters (or 6 inches). Here is a list of some measuring devices for measuring length: 1. Ruler (also known as scale) max 30cm 2. Meter Rod (that used by tailors or cloth sellers), max 100 cm 3. Measuring Tape (used by surveying engineers) For measuring very large distances travelled, In vehicles, speedometers also have distance measuring display. Ships use knots for measuring nautical miles.

What would you use to measure a persons waist?

You would use a fabric tape measure as used by tailors and dressmakers. Available in stores like Walmart.

What do you call a group of tailors?

A disguising of tailors A proud showing of tailors

What is the possessive form of tailors?

The possessive for of the plural noun tailors is tailors'.

What is the plural possessive form of tailors?

The possessive for of the plural noun tailors is tailors'.

Does a centimeters measure weight or length?

Centimeters measure length. Weight is typically measured in units such as kilograms or pounds.

Is a metricstick used to measure length?

Yes it is used to measure length.

Is centimeter a mass?

No. A centimeter is a measure of length. Any unit of measure that has a meter in it is a measure of length. For example, millimeters, meters, kilometers are all units of measure for length.