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Q: How do we care and maintain the try square?
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How do you maintain your girlfriend?

I was hoping it would be awnsered already. BUT..i guess just call her and communicate with her. and spend lots of time with her and do stuff for her to show that you care for her.. Try falling in love. :D I dont really get the **maintain** thing do you like her, does she like you. Are you in the relationship just for the possibility of sex?? Eithrway frigin get to know each other, build the relationship dont just try to maintain it. :)

Triangle or square which can you turn 90 degrees and maintain the shape?


How do you maintain an HP printer?

you take care of it

How do you care skin problem?

I have oily skin, and I am too busy one. So I try to follow some steps in morning and night that is described in a website.I get this web site at the bellow address on googleBest skin care for oily skin that is easy to maintain, Creative Fashion Care

How can I use maintain in sentences?

I try to maintain a good relationship with my fatherIt was easy to maintain the temperature in our room

How do you tell your girlfriend how you care about her?

Why don't you try to show her that you care about her. You can try to do things for to show her that you care abut her. And try things that she likes and don't Lie to her.

How do you make your girlfriend love you a lot?

Take care of her. Show concern. Try to feel it on the inside, and youll see how she reacts to it. she will love it. just show you care for her, although DONT hang around like a puppy dog on a leash. DONT do that. maintain a limit.

Is wicker outdoor dining furniture easy to maintain?

If taking care of properly, outdoor wicker furniture will last for many years. It is a very sturdy item. The best way to start is to try talking to someone who already owns wicker. then you can get the information from them on what is the best way to maintain it.

How should a woman care for hair after cutting it bald?

first start buying a lot of cute hats....then as it grows out, have fun with it- spike it/ mohawk it....and try to maintain split ends with ritual trims.

How will you maintain a good interpersonal to your clients?

You can do this by showing them how much you care about them.

When nations try to maintain balance they?

try to prevent domination by one country.

How would you put maintain in a sentence?

To maintain means to care for something. You could say one must exercise and eat a healthful diet to maintain their body.