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The answer depends on the shape of the pool. If the pool is of uniform depth, then its volume is the surface area times the depth. If the surface area is measured in square feet, and the depth is measured in feet, then the volume is in cubic feet.

1 cubic foot = 6.2288 Imperial gallons.

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Q: How do you calculate gallons in pool?
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How do you calculate the required pool filter backwash rate in gallons per minute and backwash volume in gallons?

how do i calculate the volumn of backwash in a pool

Calculate gallons of water in pool size 32x12.5x4.5?

This pool holds up to 13,460 gallons of water. (this would fill it to the very top)

How to calculate how many gallons in pool?

Start taking the water out of the pool with a 5 gal bucket...

How do you calculate rate to fill pool?

Pool capacity in gallons divided by fill time in hours equals fill rate in gallons per hour (gal / hr = gal/hr).

How many gallons of water are in a 10 foot round swimming pool?

There is NO way to calculate this without knowing how deep the pool is filled!

How many gallons of water in a backyard pool?

How large is the pool? In ground or above ground? Shape? Above ground is easier to calculate. I have an oval above ground pool which is 18 x 38. It holds approx. 15,000 gallons. To get an accurate answer, you need to be far more specific.

How do you calculate the gallons of water in a swimming pool?

length(M) x width(M) x average depth(M) you will get pool volume in cubic meter. convert it in to gallons or any other unit

How did you find how many gallons in a circular pool?

Several ways:# If the pool is full, you could empty it with a measuring container, preferably marked in gallons, and make a note of how many gallons you take out # If the pool is empty you could fill it with water, taking a note of how many gallons of water you put in. # You could use a 'pool capacity calculator' (Try a pool manufacturer's website). # You could calculate its capacity (Area of a circle times depth) This will give you its cubic capacity. Then find out the cubic size of a gallon. Then divide the pool's capacity by the cubic size of a gallon. The answer will be how many gallons.

How many gallons of water fill a 16ft by 36ft pool?

A lot. If you know the depth of the pool, you can actually calculate the volume in cubic feet. Then multiply by 7.48 (the number of gallons per cubic foot) to determine the amount of water in your pool. For example, assuming the average depth of your pool is 5', the volume in cubic feet is (16'x36'x5') 2880, which is 21,542 gallons (2880 x 7.48).

How many gallons of water in your pool?

There are 7.48 gallons per cubic foot of interior space. You have to calculate the volume, in cubic feet, and then multiply that result times 7.48.

How many gallons of water in a pool 15 feet wide and 33 inches deep?

It is necessary to know the length as well as the width and depth of the pool in order to calculate its volume.

How many gallons of water are in a 28 foot by 4 foot deep pool?

To calculate the volume in gallons of a round pool, do the following calculation: diameter x diameter x depth x 5.9 Example: 28ft x 28ft x 4ft x 5.9 = 18,502.4 gallons