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The first step is to convert the logical device number into a physical address. Then you must schedule an IO request. You improve the seek time by testing the IO numbers to see what gives the best results.

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Q: How do you calculate shortest seek time first algorithm Average?
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What relation holds between priority and shortest job first algorithm?

what is the diffrnce

What is Dijkstra's algorithm?

Dijkstra's algorithm is used by the OSPF and the IS-IS routing protocols. The last three letters in OSPF (SPF) mean "shortest path first", which is an alternative name for Dijkstra's algorithm.

What do you mean by scheduling algorithm in OS?

its the algorithm that tells the os what to process next.goes according to :shortest job firstshortest remaining time firstround robin- first in first out system

What does the Cisco IOS use to calculate the OSPF cost to a destination network?

OSPF stands for open shortest path first. OSPF is an exterior routing protocol. OSPF uses Path vector routing algorithm.

Why is dijkstra's algorithm not suitable for distributed applications with large number of distributed nodes?

"OSPF detects changes in the topology, such as link failures, very quickly and converges on a new loop-free routing structure within seconds. It computes the shortest path tree for each route using a method based on Dijkstra's algorithm, a shortest path first algorithm."

What relation between priority and shortest job first?

Priority scheduling is a CPU scheduling algorithm where each process has a priority associated with it. Shortest job first (SJF) is a scheduling algorithm where the process with the shortest burst time is scheduled first. The relationship between the two is that a priority scheduling algorithm can be used where the priority of a process is determined by its burst time, effectively making it similar to a shortest job first algorithm.

What are the advantages of shortest job run first?

Average wait Time of processes is minimized

What is difference between SJF and SRTF?

Shortest Job First (SJF) scheduling algorithm selects the process with the smallest burst time for execution next, which helps in reducing average waiting time. Shortest Remaining Time First (SRTF), on the other hand, preempts the currently running process if a new process with a smaller burst time arrives, resulting in even lower waiting times but with increased context switching.

Explain first fit algorithm?

A "first fit" algorithm is any algorithm which doesn't care about how "good" a solution is, it just returns the first one that works.

How do universities calculate the comulative average of a student?

Most universities calculate the average of the first and second cumulative average at the end of every academic year.

What two names refer to the same algorithm used by all link-state routing protocols?

Link-state routing algorithms, also known as shortest path first (SPF) algorithms.

What are the two most commonly encountered link-state routing protocols in ip network?

Routers that run a link-state protocol can establish a complete topology of the network. The shortest path first algorithm is used.