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Q: How do you calculate the base of a right triangle given the height and angle?
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How do you calculate the height of right triangle given the base and adjacent angle?

Height will be h=base*tan(angle).

How do you calculate the base of the right triangle given the height and the opposite angle?

By using the tangent ratio of: opposite/tangent angle = adjacent which is the base

How do you calculate the height of right triangle given the base?

If you're only given the base, then you can't calculate the other leg. If you have any one of the following, then you can calculate all of the parts of the triangle: -- length of the other leg -- length of the hypotenuse -- size of either acute angle

How do you find the height of a triangle given the hypotenuse?

Providing it's a right angle triangle the formula is: hypotenuse2-base2 = height2

What is slant height of triangle if height is 1200 and the slant height angle is 60 degree given?

I could solve this if I knew what kind of triangle this was. Equilateral, Right: 30, 60, 90?

How do you calculate sides of a right angle triangle?

With Pythagoras' theorem or trigonometry depending on the information you are given.

When you use a formula to calculate the area of a triangle does it matter which base - height pair you use.?

The side you use as the base does not matter. What does matter is that the height is the perpendicular distance between this side and the other vertex. If there is a right angle in the triangle, then use the two sides next to it as the base and height. Otherwise a bit of trigonometry will be required to work out the height of the triangle if it is not given.

How do you find out the height of a triangle if only the 3 angles are given?

It is impossible to find a triangle if only angle measures are given (all similar triangles have the same angles).

How do you find the area of a right angle triangle with all sides given?

(base x height) / 2

How to calculate the sides of a triangle given the degree of an angle and one side?

The measure of only one angle and one side is not sufficient to calculate the lengths of the sides of a triangle. If you have one more angle or one more side you can use the sine rule.

How do you calculate the angles in a triangle?

The angles in a triangle add up to 180 so one can calculate depending on the type of question or information given. For example;when one is given a scalene triangle, one can calculate the missing angle by equating all the angles to 180 and then find the missing one.

How do you calculate an acute angle?

You can either use a protractor or, if you're given the other angles in a triangle, you can subtract them from 180. An acute angle is an angle less that 90 degrees.

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