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Measure it with a ruler or a compass.

Also, if this is a purely theoretical problem and you have no actual square to measure, remember that the diagonal line cuts the square into two right triangles, which therefore can be analysed by the use of the famous Pythagorean Theorem.

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Q: How do you calculate the distance between two corners of a square?
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A table is 3 feet long snd 7 feet wide what is the distance between the opposite corners?

That is the diagonal of that area. You have to calculate the square root of (3² + 7²) = 9 + 49 = 58. The square root of 58 = 7.615773106. The distance between the opposite corners of the table is 7.615773106 feet.

A square city is 135 meters on each side Determine the distance from the northwest to the southeast corners via two of the bordering streets Then calculate the distance between the corners if a diagon?

Halfway around the square's perimeter is 270 meters. The diagonal of the square is 135 times the square root of 2, or approximately 190.92 meters.

How do you find the distance between the two furthest corners of a square?

Use a ruler.

What is the diagonal of the square?

It is the distance between opposite corners and it can be worked by using Pythagoras' theorem.

How do you work out diagonal of a square?

It is the longest distance between two opposite corners of the square and it is possible to use Pythagoras' theorem to find the length of the diagonal

What is the diagonal of square field?

It is the distance between opposite corners and it can be worked by using Pythagoras' theorem.

How do you calculate an area in square miles if the length is 136 miles and the width 13 miles?

136 x 13 = 1,768 square miles.==> This is only true of the area is a rectangle, i.e. the corners are all square corners.

What are the differences between a circle and a square?

A square has four corners whereas a circle doesn't.

Can you square a circle?

No. A circle has no corners and a square has four corners. There is no object that has no corners and four corners.

What is the similarity and difference between a square and rhombus?

A square is well a square while a rhombus is a square on one of the corners (a square diamond)

How many corners does a square have?

A square has 4 corners.

How many corners are in a square?

There are four corners on a square.