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Q: How do you change 24 hour format to 12 hour format in sonata super fibre digital watch 7982?
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How telkom uses fiber optics to transmit sound than the copper cables?

Hi The sound is converted from analogue signal into a digital format and then transmitted with other digitized voice signals across the fibre. Next the digital signal are separated and converted back to analogue signal. regards Philip

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Light is not naturally digital - perhaps you mean solid state? Digital light as in a fibre-optic cable is just laser light modulated.

What is a long distance digital telephone line that can carry multiple signals over a single communications line?

fibre optic cable !

What is the Canon digital camera body made out of?

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Whether the viscose fibre is synthetic fibre or natural fibre?

Rayon is a synthetic fibre.

How do you set hourly chime on sonata super fibre digital watch?

Hello friends! I faced the same problem at first as I didn't know the options in the watch. To set the hourly chime in Sonata super fiber watch all you have to do is- Just press the mode option & go to alarm. Now press the start/stop button for once. This will set the hourly chime with the icon darkened besides the alarm symbol. Hope this would help you! Manish kumar E-mail :

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