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One cm cubed (cc) is 0.001L. Therefore, cc x 0.001 = liters

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Q: How do you change cm cubed into liters?
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What units can be used to measure volume?

cc or liters (1000 cc)gallons pintsMilliliters (mL)Centimeters cubed (cm^3)Liters (L)Meters cubed (m^3)

How many liters of water will it take to fill a container 70 cm cubed?

343 litres.

How many cubic centimeters are in 4 liters?

There are 4,000 cubic centimeters in 4 liters, since there are 1000 cm cubed in a liter.

How do you convert square meters into liters?

Meters squared is not a unit of volume like liters. Therefore, you cannot convert that to liters. If you are trying to convert CUBIC meters to liters, then the conversion is 1000 liters in one cubic meter.well a square meter is 10000 cm squared. (100 cm by 100 cm). a liter is a unit of volume and is in cm cubed, not squared. So to answer your question how many liters are in a square meter, you need to add a third dimension. A square meter that is one cm thick, there would be (100 x 100 x 1 cm) = 10000 cm cubed. A cm cubed is a milliliter, so that would make there be 10 liters.

How do you convert inches cubed to cm cubed?

Inches cubed x 16.387 = cm cubed

How do you Convert 243 cm cubed to m cubed?

1 cm cubed = 1 cm X 1 cm X 1 cm 1 cm = .01 m, so 1 cm cubed = .01 m X .01 m X .01 m Therefore, 1 cm cubed = .000001 m cubed, and 243 cm cubed = 243 X .000001 = .000243 m cubed. In summary, multiply cm cubed by .000001 to get m cubed.

What is 134.4 m cubed in standard form cm cubed?

13440 cm cubed.

How many meters cubed are in 1000 liters?

there is only one cubed meter in 1000 liters. search up meters cubed to liters and at the top should be a calculator showing the answer.

How many cm cubed are in 4 liters?

4000 as there are 1000ml in a litre and a millilitre and cubic centimetre mean the same thing

How many liters are in 8 cubes of water?

8 liters

What is 125000cm cubed in meters cubed?

1 metre cubed = 100 cm * 100 cm * 100 cm = 1 000 000 cm cubedso 125 000 cm cubed in metres cubed = 125 000 / 1 000 000 = 0.125 m ^3

Silver has a density of 10.5 g cm cubed and gold has a density of 19.3 g cm cubed Which would have a greater mass 5 cm cubed of silver or 5 cm cubed of gold?

None they would have the same..