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You can see which has the largest spread of data....

Where the extreme values lie...

The bigger the box the wider the spread of half of the data...

and vice versa

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Q: How do you compare data sets using box-and-whisker plots?
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What are the Uses of stem and leaf plots?

you use it to compare 2 different sets of data

Could you give us the answers for pg 344 on world histor ags?

Compare the shape,center,and spread of the data in the box plots with the data for stores A and B in the two box plots in example 2.

What is the difference between a histogram and a line plot?

Line plots are used to figure out how much of one value is in a set of data. Histograms are used to show/compare data in what seems like a bar graph, but instead it used to compare data over a period of time, number of a value, ect. ( intervals)

Why is it important to display data using a histogram?

It makes Data simpler to compare as opposed to a chart

Why it important to display data using a histogram?

It makes Data simpler to compare as opposed to a chart

Do plots exist within subplots?

Yes, plots can exist within subplots in a larger visualization. This is a technique in data visualization where multiple plots are arranged within a single figure to facilitate comparison and analysis of different aspects of the data. Each subplot can represent a different segment of the data or a different perspective on the same data.

What are Stem Leaf Plots?

A stem-and-leaf plot is a convenient way to organize data using numerical order and place value.

How are a table of data a line plot and a bar graph alike?

Tables, line plots, and bar graphs all help display information. Tables serve best to compare information that isn't necessarily graph-able. A line plot helps show the progression of the data, and bar graphs help compare data between multiple entities.

When is it best to use a line plot?

Line plots are best used to show trends over time or to display continuous data points. They are useful for visualizing how one variable changes in relation to another. Line plots are effective in highlighting patterns or fluctuations in data and are commonly used in data analysis and research.

Using mean and mean absolute deviation to compare data quiz?

how should i know

When do you compare using ratios percents and rates and when do you compare using differences?

when you are specifically comparing 2 sets of data (2 #'s, 2 percents, 2 rates ect.)

What do dot plots represent?

Dot plots represent the values of a data-set which is classified according to two variables.