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Multiply the percentage by 3.6 and then round to the nearest whole number to give the central angle for the wedge.

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Q: How do you convert a percent to a whole number to a circle graph?
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How do you convert a percent into a degree measure?

convert 27%to a degree measure on a circle graph

What is the percent of a circle graph?

360% is the total percent. its what all the pieces of a circle graph should add up to!

How do you turn a number into a percent for a circle graph?

A single number cannot be turned into a percent for a circle graph. You need a total. If the number is N and the total is T then the percentage is 100*N/T and then, for a circle graph, the relevant segment should subtend an angle of 360*N/T degrees (or 2*pi*N/T radians).

If a section of a circle graph measures 180 degrees what percent of a circle graph is this section?


What percent of a circle graph measures 18 degrees?

18 degrees is 5% on a circle graph.

What is the total percent of the circle graph?


What is 19 percent on a circle graph?

68.4 degrees.

A circle graph shows the comparative effects of five new technologies. the circle graph has segments labeled 45 percent 35 percent 12 percent and 3 percent. what is the correct label of the fifth?

It is: 5%

Can one section of a circle graph be 110 percent explain?

No. A circle graph - or pie graph - is designed so that the whole circle represents 100%. It is, therefore, not possible for the graph to represent more than 100%.

What should you watch for when analyzing a circle graph?

you should watch that the graph equals 100 percent

What does 52 percent look like on a circle graph?

half of the circle plus a little more

What percent of circle graph is 43.2 degrees?

A circle is 360 degrees, so the answer is 43.2/360.

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