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Linear footage is a one dimensional measurment. Board footage is volume.

one board foot is 1 inch thick by 12 inches square. 1" x 12" x 12" = 144 cubic inches of wood or one board foot.

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Q: How do you convert linear footage to board footage?
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How do you convert linear footage into tons?

You can't. Lineal footage measures length. Tonnage measures weight. There is no relationship for conversion

How do you calculate how many linear feet of bead-board to purchase?

Measure the length of each wall. Add those figures up and you get Linear footage. Divide the total linear footage by the width of the panels and round up, this is the number of planks you will need.

How do you convert Linear Yard to Board Foot?

Multiply by 3.

What is does linear footage mean?

Linear footage as referred to in wood or lumber is the length as you see it.For instance a 2 x 4 x 8, is 8 feet long. - In theoretical board feet this is actually 5.333 board feet or practically, 5.0 board feet. ( because a 2x4 is not really that dimension, but 1.5x3.5. )

What is conversion board feet to square feet or square feet to board feet?

you can't straight convert a linear measure to an area measure... missing info. If the board is 12" wide, then the ratio is one to one. if the board is 6" wide, the linear footage needed would be double. It's a simple ratio. width of board in inches/12 * length in feet = square feet. length in feet = square feet * 12 / width

How do you calculate linear footage?

You must first draw a floor plan and figure out how the carpet will be laid out. You must then account for waste and seam placement. After laying out the entire job, add up the individual cuts and you will have the total linear feet that needs to be ordered.

How do you convert square footage to linear footage?

Divide the square footage by the width in feet. Example: 20 sq. ft roll of material is made up of 10 linear feet by 2 feet in width. 20 square feet divided by 2 feet wide equals 10 linear feet and 2 feet wide. For linear feet ask yourself how long is it. 100 sq. ft. 1 foot wide would be 100 linear feet long.

What is the square footage of 5227.2 ft?

You can't convert from linear feet to square feet - it doesn't make sense, they measure different things.

How do you find the linear footage in inches?

Multiply the linear feet by 12.

How to Convert linear footage to square footage?

Since you know the length you know the linear footage. Next: measure the width and multiply the width by the length, this will give you the area or sq. footage. Length x width. For example: a room 8 ft. long x 10 ft. wide would be 64 square feet. The length is important because your carpet at the big box store is 10 feet wide and you only need 8 linear feet. In this case the square footage is: 8 ft. x 10 ft. = 80 sq. feet.

How do you convert board feet to lineal feet?

To convert board feet to lineal feet, divide the total board feet by the board's thickness in feet. For example, if you have 100 board feet of lumber that is 1 inch thick, you would divide 100 by 1, which equals 100 lineal feet.

How do I convert 252 square feet into linear footage?

You don't without more information. Without knowing the length and width of the room or area linear feet has no meaning. Square footage is a measure of area and linear feet is only length or distance. If it is one foot wide then it would be 252 feet long. Or a million other lengths depending on the width and length of the area.