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You look at the fractions sideways. Lets say that you had 3/4 and 2/3 and you were multiplying them. Put them on paper. Now you can see that 4 and 2 are compatible. What you do is:

Cross out the four and put a 2. This means 2 goes into 4 twice.

Then cross out the 2 and put a 1. This means that 2 goes into 2 once. Now you just multiply.

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Q: How do you cross simplify when multiplying fractions?
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Do you cross simplify in multiplying fractions?


What is cross canceling in dividing fractions?

Cross canceling is a way to simplify or reduce fractions before multiplying them. For example, 2/4 x 1/6 can be reduced to 1/4 x 1/3 by cross canceling.

Is it necessary to cross multiply when multiplying fractions?


How do you simplify fractions with proper and improper?

by cross multipling

Are equivlant fractions proportinal?

Yes, because you can simplify the fractions then check the Cross products

Why does cross multiplying with fractions work?

When cross multiplying, finding the product of the means and extremes, you are technically getting a common denominator that reduces out.

When you multiply fractions why do you multiply the fractions strait across?

This has the effect of producing a denominator in the answer that has each of the original denominators as factors. You don't have to worry about simplifying the fractions before multiplying. Of course, you may have to simplify after multiplying. There's no way out.

What does cross multiplyng mean?

Cross-multiplying is when you have two fractions, and you multiply the numerator of each fraction by the other fractions's denominator. In other words, if you have two fractions a/b and c/d, cross-multiplying would be finding a*d and b*c. If a/b=c/d, then ad = bc.

When multiplying fractions do you multlply to the side or cross multiply?

Multiplying fractions is the easiest operation you can do with them. Nothing complicated is required, just multiply the top two and the bottom two. Simple as that!

What is a step for multiplying fractions?

First line them up. Its jsut like normal multiplication. Mulitply them across as they are. Simplify the answer when done.

How do you you cross multiply?

if youre dealing with fractions then you multiply top by top and bottom by bottom then simplify

Can you get Numerator Of The Product Of Two Fractions Is Found By Multiplying The Numerator Of The Two Fractions?

Yes, then do the same for the denominators. But THEN you are usually expected to simplify the resulting fraction.