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example: angle= 60



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Q: How do you derive the formula for number of images formed by two plane mirrors inclined at an angle?
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How the emperical formula relating to number of images formed in two inclined mirror?

The empirical formula for the number of images formed by two inclined mirrors is [ n = \frac{360}{|180-\theta|} ], where (\theta) is the angle between the mirrors. This formula is derived from the concept that each additional image is created when the extended reflected light rays meet at intervals of (\frac{360}{|180-\theta|}) degrees.

Two plane mirrors are inclined at an angle of 300 to each other Find the number of images formed when an object is placed between the mirrors?


How many images are formed when the two mirrors are inclined at an angle of 80 degree?

4.5 or 3.5 The number is five.

What is the formula to find number of images formed when two plane mirror are inclined at an angle?

The number of images of an object placed between two mirrors inclined at an angle is give by:Number of images= (360/ angle of inclination)-1

How do you identify image on inclined mirrors?

To identify an image on inclined mirrors, you need to follow the laws of reflection. The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection, so you can trace the path of light rays as they reflect off the mirrors to determine the position and characteristics of the image. Remember that the image formed will appear to be the same distance behind the mirror as the object is in front of it.

How you can see number of images formed by mirror?

To determine the number of images formed by a mirror, you need to consider the distance of the object from the mirror and the type of mirror (concave or convex). For a plane mirror, only one image is formed which is virtual and upright. For concave and convex mirrors, the number of images formed can vary depending on the position of the object relative to the focal point, center of curvature, and the mirror's surface.

Would Images formed by curved mirrors will look identical to to the images formed by flat mirrors?

No. They will look different.

How many images formed when two mirrors are at a 30 degree angle?

To find out how many images are formed when plane mirrors are tilted at an angle, use the formula N=360/a-1 , wherein N is the number of images formed and a is the given angle. So in this case, N=360/30-1, will result to N=11 images formed.

How many images are formed when two plane mirrior are arranged parallel?

infinite number of images are formed in both the mirrors if the mirrors are kept parallel

When was Acoustically Inclined created?

Acoustically Inclined was originally formed in 2012 by a group of musicians who shared a passion for acoustic music.

Which three terms describe the image formed by mirrors?

-- virtual-- actual size-- erect(referring to plane mirrors only)

How many images formed when two mirrors are at 45 degree angle?

Use the formula [360/@]-1@ is the angle of inclination of the two mirrors.Suppose we keep the two mirrors in the same line, then @ = 180So there will be only one image.If suppose we keep two mirrors parallel to each other, then @ = 0 so infinite images.Now in your case @ = 45So 7 images will be seen.