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I your highest power of your variables is 1 then it is linear.

y=x+5 is linear

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Q: How do you determine if a fuction is linear or non linear?
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How can you determine the trend and the graph on alinear fuction?

To determine the trend of linear function graph or equation you would simply look at the slope of the line. This is represented by the m in the equation, f(x) = mx + b.

Is inductor linear or non linear?

non linear

Is planning linear or nonlinear?

Usually non-linear.Usually non-linear.Usually non-linear.Usually non-linear.

What are linear and non linear text?

Linear means in order Non-Linear means Organic

The correct formula to determine how many Amps of current a device will draw is?

There is no formula it depends on the device. If the device is linear it can be ascertain but if it a non linear then it becomes quite complex

Is a circle non-linear?

No, but it is non-linear.

Three points determine a plane.?

Any three points that are non-collinear (not on the same line) will determine a plane.

Will the plotted points 00 39 636 981 be linear or non linear?


How do you determine if a function is linear or non linear?

by seeing if it has a common difference by subtracting the bigger number from the little number and getting the same number over and over and if it does that`s a common difference

What is a non-example of linear?

It is possible to give an example of non-linear, but I have no idea what a non-example is. Is a non-example of linear a curve. That would be my first thought but not sure

What is the best answer between the difference of a linear and non- linear scale?

You can measure things with a linear scale. Practically impossible with a non-linear scale.

Is inductor linear or non linear when the initial in it is non zero taking output as current and input as voltage?