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Q: How do you draw a trapezium with three triangles?
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What can you make with 3 triangles?

we can make a trapezium with 3 equal triangles.

How many triangles and trapezoids make a hexagon?

You need at least four triangles, or at least three trapeziums. Or two triangles and one trapezium.

Can a trapezium be divided into 3 triangles using 2 lines?

Yes, draw the lines from the obtuse angles to the center of the line opposite from it.

How many triangles make a 27 cm trapezium?

Any quadrilateral such as a 4 sided trapezium can be divided into 2 triangles

What triangle can you make in a trapezium?

That depends on the sizes of its 4 interior angles but there are 2 triangles in a trapezium

Can you divide a trapezium into two congruent triangles?

No, you cannot.

Can you draw a line perpendicular to the longer base of the trapezoid to form a square and triangle?

...or perhaps two triangles, or perhaps none. There is no requirement for a trapezium to have any 90o angles...

How do you create three different drawings showing a number of circles and triangles in which the ratio of circles to triangles is 2 to 3?

To create three different drawings showing a number of circles and triangles in which the ratio is 2:3 you can: Start with an equilateral triangle, draw a circle inside it, draw an equilateral triangle inside the circle, draw a circle in the triangle and then draw an equilateral tiangle in the smallest circle. Or, you could draw 3 triangles and 2 circles in a line. Or, you could draw 3 triangles on a line with 2 circles between them.

What shape has both acute and obtuse angels?


What is the minimum number of triangles needed to form a trapezium?


Why you draw the velocity triangles?

why dont you draw the velocity of triangles?

How do you draw trapezium?

---------------------------- / \ / \ / \ --------------------------------------------- Sort of like that?