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a parallelogram obviously has two sets of parallel sides so a basic and short answer would be A=BH or area equals base times height. a trapezoid though not completely a parallelogram it still has two parallel sides so here the formula for that too area equals top times bottom divided by two times height again... or A=T=B/2*H , well there you go.

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Q: How do you figure out the measurement of a parallelogram?
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What your other names for a Parallelogram?

a 4 sided figure * * * * * A four sided figure need no be a parallelogram. Think of a kite!

Look at the parallelogram below 1 and 3 are each 35 What is the measurement of 2?

The measurement of the second parallelogram can be found by using given information in the problem.

What is the measurement of the angle of parallelogram?

The 4 interior angles of a parallelogram add up to 360 degrees

What is the measurement of 2 in the parallelogram when 1 and 3 are each 35 degrees?

The measurement of 2 in the parallelogram when 1 and 3 are each 35 degrees is 145 degrees.

Can rhombuses be parallelogram?

if the diagonals of parallelogram become Perpendicular then the figure is said to be rhombus......

Is a parallelogram 2D or 3D?

A parallelogram is a 2D figure with two parallel sides

Is a parallelogram a convex figure?


Can an equilateral triangle be a parallelogram?

No. Every triangle has 3 sides, and every figure with 3 sides is a triangle. So no triangle can be a parallelogram. Every parallelogram has 4 sides, and every figure with 4 sides is a quadrilateral. So no parallelogram can be a triangle.

What is true about a parallelogram?

There are many true statements which can made. One such is:"a parallelogram is a plane figure".

What is an example of a parallelogram?

A rectangle (opposite sides are parallel which is a parallelogram!)

A four sided figure with two pairs of parallel sides?


How many dimensions does a parallelogram have?

A parallelogram is a two-dimensional figure, so it has two dimensions.