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Approximate using the Arrhenious definition.

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Q: How do you find radius when you have arch?
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What is the Radius of the three point arch?


How long can a Arch Bridge stay standing for?

The longest span an arch bridge can go is relevent to the radius of the arch.

How many linear feet in a 3 foot diameter circle?

Arch length, or linear distance of an arch, is equal to: (Angle of Arch in Radians) x (Radius of Arch) So for a complete circle (Arch angle of 360 Degrees) with a diameter of 3 feet (or radius of 1.5 feet) the linear circumference would be: (2 x PI) x (radius) = (2 x PI) x (1.5 ft), where PI = 3.14 radians and represents 1/2 of a complete circle. This is also the equation for a circle's circumference.

Of a circle which of the demensions is always the smallest?

Of circumference, diameter and radius, the radius is the smallest.You will also have other measures such as arch length and so forth but I think you're implying radius.

What is the arclength of the Gateway Arch?

It is 630 feet from one base of the arch to the other, and it is 630 feet high. Using the formula ARCLENGTH = (RADIUS)(ANGLE), the answer is ARCLENGTH = 1,979.2 feet.

In what city would you find the Gateway Arch?

St. Louis You would find the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

Where would you find the Gateway Arch?

The Gateway arch is in St Louis, Missouri

How do you find the radius if circumference is given?

Divide the circumference by 2PI to find the radius. ( C = 2PI*Radius)

What is the math formula for the length of a cycloid?

The length of one arch of a cycloid generated by a circle of radius r is 8r.

How can you use radius to find the diameter?

you double the radius to find the diameter.

Area of an arch of circle with a radius of 70 feet The angle of the arch is 20 degrees?

855.21 square feet. A circle with a radius 70 would be (pi)(radius squared) = (3.1416) (70) (70) = 15,393.8 square feet. With a 20 degree angle that is 20/360ths of a circle, so multiply your circle area by 20 and divide by 360 = 855.21 square feet.

How do you find the radius of a circle if you know the radius?

You already know the radius.