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To find the square root of a number you would use the square root symbol on the calculator, √, then enter the number. Ex.: √25=5.

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2012-02-15 04:51:27
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Q: How do you find the base of a square in math?
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What does square mean in math?

Look in your math book you will find the answer!!!

What is the base of a 4x4x4 cube in math?

It is a 4*4 square.

What solid figure has a square base and four triangular faces?

a square pyramid (i found it in my sons math book !)

What does it mean in math when it says Use your 2D shape as a base for a 3D shape?

So if you have a square, find a pyramid or prism with one side being a square. (or in case of circle cone or cylinder)

How do you find the volume in math?

to find the volume you do base times width times height.

How do you find the area of a square that does have the base or height?

You have the base or the height, so just square it. If base (or height) is 5, the area is 52 or 25.

What is the math formula to calculate area?

area of a square is base times height area of a triangle is base times height divided by two!!

How can you find the base of a right triangle when you have the height and hypotenuse?

The square of the length of the base plus the square of the length of the height will equal the square of the length of the hypotenuse of your right triangle, per Pythagoras. Square the hypotenuse, subtract the square of the height, and then find the positive square root of that and you'll have the base of your right triangle.

How do you find the area of a sqaure?

the area of a square equals the product of the base and the height. or, because in a square the base and height are the same it would be the value of the base squared. square base x height = area

How many square foot are in 1462 square inches?

You divide by 144 to find the square feet. Doing the math gives an answer of 10.15 square feet.

How can you find the height of a right triangle when you have the base and hypotenuse?

-- Square the hypotenuse. (Multiply it by itself.)-- Square the base. (Multiply it by itself.)-- Subtract the square of the base from the square of the hypotenuse.-- Take the square-root of the difference. It's the height of the triangle.

How many faces and edges does a pyramid?

In math terms, a pyramid could have a square base, triangular base or another shape. The Egyptian pyramids (and Aztec ones) had a square base. So they had 8 edges (for on the base and 4 rising to the top) and 5 faces (4 facing up and the base).

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