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It depends on what information you do have.

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Q: How do you find the circumference and arc length of a circle?
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To find arc length what do you need to multiply a circle's circumference by?

the fraction of the circle covered by the arc

How do you find the circumference of a circle that has an arc length and angle degree?

The total circumference is (arc length) times (360) divided by (the angle degrees)

What is the arc length if the length of the arc is 95 degrees?

Find the circumference of the whole circle and then multiply that length by 95/360.

How do you find the arc length of a minor arc when c equals 18.84?

I'm assuming that "c" is short for "circumference". The length of an arc is (circumference)*(360/angle). So the length of an arc in a circle with circumference length of 18.84 is 6782.4/angle, where the angle is measured in degrees.

How do you find the arc ABC length 120 degrees 10?

An arc length of 120 degrees is 1/3 of the circumference of a circle

What is arc length?

It is part of the circumference of a circle

How would your find the fraction of a circle that an arc covers?

Use the information you have to find it. -- divide the length of the arc by the total circumference of the circle, or -- divide the central angle of the arc by 360 degrees (a full circle)

What is the arc in a circle that is 90 degrees?

To find the arc length, you also need to know the radius (or diameter) of the arc. The arc length is then found by finding the circumference of the full circle (2xPIxradius) and then dividing by 4 to find just one quarter of the circle (90 degrees).

If the circumference of the circle is 32 cm what is the length of the thick arc that covers one-quarter of the circle?

If the circumference of the circle is 32 cm, the length of the arc that is 1/4 of the circle is: 8 cm

How do you find the arc length with the angle given?

An arc can be measured either in degree or in unit length. An arc is a portion of the circumference of the circle which is determined by the size of its corresponding central angle. We create a proportion that compares the arc to the whole circle first in degree measure and then in unit length. (measure of central angle/360 degrees) = (arc length/circumference) arc length = (measure of central angle/360 degrees)(circumference) But, maybe the angle that determines the arc in your problem is not a central angle. In such a case, find the arc measure in degree, and then write the proportion to find the arc length.

How do you find the length of the arc of a circle with only the measurement of the central angle and the Circumference?

The entire circumference has a central angle of 360 degrees. The arc is a fraction of the circumference. The fraction is (central angle) divided by (360). So the arc length is: (circumference) x (central angle) / (360) .

How do you find the degree measure of a central angle in a circle if both the radius and the length of the intercepted arc are known?

-- Circumference of the circle = (pi) x (radius) -- length of the intercepted arc/circumference = degree measure of the central angle/360 degrees