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If you mean by a square prism that has equal sides then just cube root the volume

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2012-05-21 12:39:51
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Q: How do you find the lateral sides of a square prism if you already have the volume?
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Is there a square prism?

technically a square prism would be a cube, so i guess not. Ignore that answer. There IS a square prism. A cube has all of its faces congruent and squares. A square prism can have 2 square bases and 4 rectangular lateral faces making it a square prism. Think of it as a rectangular prism right? Well replace the rectangle bases with squares and you have a square prism!

What is the lateral area of the right equilateral triangle prism?

It is the perimeter of a triangle times the length of the prism (in square units).

How do you get the volume of a square prism?

For a square prism, a rectangular prism, or a cube you multiply length times width times height.

Lateral area of a prism?

The lateral area of a prism is the sum of the area of the lateral faces

The formula for the volume of an oblique prism?

Area of the right section x Length of the lateral edge

How is the triangular prism and the square pyramid alike?

both have lateral face shapes that are riangles

What are the lateral faces of a rectangular prism?

the lateral faces of a retangular prism is 2

What is the formula for the lateral area of a right prism where p is the perimeter of the base and h is the height of the prism?

It is p*h square units.

A right triangular prism has a height of 20 The prism's base has sides of lengths 3 4 and 5 What is the lateral area of the prism?

Lateral area of the prism excluding the two ends: (3*20)+(4*20)+(5*20) = 240 square units

What is the shape of the lateral face of a pentagonal prism?

The lateral faces of a prism - pentagonal or other - are rectangular.

A rectangular prism has a square base with side length of 5 cm and a height of 7 cm what is the volume of the prism?

The volume of the rectangular prism would mathematically be 175 cm3.

What is the volume of a prism that has a surface area of 84 square units?

That depends on how many faces this particular prism has.

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