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Count the squares around the rectangle... Simple as that!

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Q: How do you find the perimeter of a rectangle drawn on a coordinate plane?
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Which letter when drawn on the coordinate plane could represent a function?

The letter V represents a function when drawn on a coordinate plane.

Area and perimeter of plane figures?

the area and perimeter of the plane figures are square ,rectangle

What figures are plane figures?

ones that can be drawn in the plane such as a triangle, circle, etc. A sphere is not one.

What is the area of a rectangle with a perimeter of 18 units on a coordinate plane?

Assuming that the fact that it is a rectangle means that it cannot be a square, then it can have any value in the interval (0, 20.25) square units. This depends on whether the rectangle is a long thin shape or a near-square.

What is the equation on perimeter?

The perimeter of a plane figure is the length of its boundary. Thus the perimeter of a rectangle of length L and width W is 2L + 2W. The perimeter of a circle is the length of its circumference.

What is a coordinate plane that has no breaks in it?

A coordinate plane! If it has one or more breaks in it is not a coordinate plane but only a part of one.

What happens to the perimeter of a rectangle when its length and width are quadrupled?

When the linear dimensions of a plane figure are quadrupled, its perimeter is quadrupled, and its area is multiplied by 42 = 16 .

Is perimeter have a unit after it?

Perimeter almost always has a unit, which is the same as that of the lengths given by the question. The only case I can think of where no unit is necessary is when the question uses a coordinate plane.

Why is Cartesian coordinate plane also caller rectangular coordinate plane?

The axes are at right angles to each other so that a point in the plane, unless it is on an axis, forms a rectangle with the origin and the perpendiculars to the axes. The feet of these perpendiculars are the points from that determine the coordinates of the point.

Does any what drawn in a rectangular coordinate plane represent a function?

No. Since nothing follows, it cannot represent anything.

Is a coordinate graph the same as a coordinate plane?

no, coordinate graph is a graph made on a coordinate plane i.e xy-plane

Why is the coordinate plane called the Cartesian plane?

The coordinate plane is sometimes call the Cartesian plane because Rene Descartes is often credited with inventing the coordinate plane and so the coordinate plane is sometimes called the Cartesian plane,in his honor.