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The answer depends on percentage of WHAT!

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Q: How do you find the profit and loss in percentage?
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How do I Find the incremental profit or loss?

The incremental profit or loss is the change in profit or loss over the designated time period. After calculating the profit or loss, for example on a monthly basis, the delta between that and the average monthly profit or loss from the prior year can be determined.

How do you calculate net profit margin if there is net loss?

The Gross Profit Margin = Gross Profit/Revenue*100 regardless of weather the Gross Profit is positive or negative (a loss). Therefor, it is acceptable to have a negative Gross Profit Margin.

What is another name for Net earnings loss as a percentage of sales?

profit margin

What would you find on a profit and loss account?

In profit and loss account normally list all in the revenues and expenses and profit or loss for any particular fiscal year of company.

Where can I find a profit loss statement?

A profit loss statement is a statement that summarizes costs, expenses, and revenues. Microsoft office has a downloadable profit loss statement template. The link to this template is

Is profit or loss percentage calculated on Cost price or selling price?

Of course on cost price. J

How do you find loss percentage?

(New amount - Original amt) / Original amount = loss percentage. saurabh K.

How to find the profit or loss of something?

to find the profit you have to subtract the selling price from the cost price formula :- SP - CP = P to find the loss you have to subtract the cost price from the selling price formula :- CP - SP = L

How do I calculate simple profit and loss?

Profit or loss = income - expenses. A positive number is profit, a negative number is loss.

Why profit and loss account is called as profit and loss account and why not profit or loss account?

Tradition, and the need to call it something.

Do provisions for loan loss go in the balance sheet or profit and loss?

Profit and Loss.

What is the difference between profit and loss account and profit and loss appropiation account?

Profit and loss accont is used to calculate the profit or loss of business while profit and loss appropriation account is used to allocate or distribute net income or loss to share holders or different reserves account.