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3.2*8*10 mm3 = 256 mm3

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Q: How do you find the volume of a figure 3.2 mm 8 mm 10 mm?
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How do you find an area of a figure with 4 numbers?

You Can find the area of a figure with 4 numbers by finding the perimeter then multiplying (3%+3y=32-/$32¥ •yu +++ You can't because you've not specified the shape, for a start!

What would the volume of a cylinder be with a radius of 3ft and a height of 10ft?

Volume: pi*32*10 = 90*pi cubic feet

What is the density of gallium if 32 mL has a mass of 320.3 g?

The density of gallium is 10 g/mL. This was calculated by dividing the mass (320.3 g) by the volume (32 mL).

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The power of 10 used to describe a number's scale or magnitude is known as its order of magnitude. We examine the exponent of 10 to find the magnitude of 6.1 × 10^-32. The exponent in this situation is -32. As a result, 6.1 × 10^-32 has a magnitude of 10^-32

What is the volume of a circle with 4ft diameter?

A circle is a 2-dimensional plane figure. The volume of any circle is zero.The volume of a sphere with 4-ft diameter is (32/3) x (pi) = 33.51 cubic ft (rounded)

How do you prepare 5 picomole solution from 32nanomole solution?

To prepare a 5 picomole solution from a 32 nanomole solution, you would need to dilute the stock solution. Calculate the dilution factor needed by dividing the desired concentration (5 picomoles) by the initial concentration (32 nanomoles). Then dilute the stock solution to the appropriate volume according to this dilution factor.

The radius of a sphere is given by the formula r 0.7 5V 13 where V is its volume Find the radius of a spherical tankthat has a volume of 32 3 cubic meters?

What is the radius of a sphere is given by the formula r 0.7 5V 13 .that has a volume of 32 3 cubic meters where V is its volume. Find the radius of a spherical tank

How do you find the volume of a base area of 32 cm squared with a height of 12 cm?

Multiply the base area by the height, and you have the volume.

What is the base area of a rectangular prism with the height of 10 m and the volume of 320 m3?

The volume of any prism is: volume = area_of_base x height which can be rearranged to give: area_of_base = volume ÷ height Thus: area_of_base = 320 m3 ÷ 10 m = 32 m2

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How many hours equals a day in Saturn?

Latest estimates put the figure at 10 hours, 32 minutes

How do you find the height of a box when the area of the base of the box is 32 square centimetres and the volume of the box is 96 cubic centimetres?

The volume is the base times the height so if you know the mase and the volume youdivide the volume by the base area and get the height.96 / 32 = 3The box is three centimeters high.