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Use the vin number it is on the lower left frame tube between the motor and the front end. Type in Yamaha vin numbers on your computer browser. When the site comes up just type the number in. It will be a 17 digit number with letters

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Q: How do you find the year of your Yamaha 225 Moto 4 can you use the serial number?
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How do you find the year of a Yamaha tri-moto 125 the frame number is 4u3-011192?

what's the year of a yamaha trimoto 225 whit serial number jy31nv00xgc004121

Can you find Yamaha motorcycle year with frame serial number?

the last digit of your serial number is the year, this is the case for my chappy Yamaha 85 the last digit of your serial number is the year, this is the case for my chappy Yamaha 85

How do you find out the model and serial number of a Yamaha motorcycle?

The serial number plate is on the front of the frame below the handlebars, behind the headlight. For 16-digit serial numbers, go to the Yamaha web site. For serial numbers less than 16 digits, take the number to a Yamaha dealer and ask for a search from Yamaha Japan.

How do you find a serial number on a Yamaha Riva Scooter?

look on the muffler

How can you find out what year a yamaha motor is using the serial number?


Can you find Yamaha motorcycle model with frame serial number?

A Yamaha dealer should be able to help you, I don't know how to read a frame number.

9 digit serial number for a Yamaha motorcycle how do you find out what it is?

vr6-01372 what year and engine size

How do you find out what year your Yamaha yz 125 is with a serial number of jyace01c0wa000201?

Go to this website: type your serial number in. This will give year and model

You recently bought a Yamaha 40hp outboard the only number you can find on the engine is 403702 what do you do to get boat insurance without a serial number?

you can't

Can you find Yamaha motorcycle year with engine serial number?

Count 8 up from the last number on the VIN or go to a dealer and tell them the number and they can help you.

Can you find your Yamaha serial number by your engine number?

No, the serial number on the engine is totally different from the VIN number on the frame. The only info you can get from your engine number is date and origin of manufacture. The frame VIN number and engine numbers are always different.

How do you figure out the age of a Yamaha YZ125 if the serial numbers on the frame are worn down?

There is a serial number stamped on the engine (e.g. E112E-****) that may help. Maybe you can contact Yamaha with that number for an age? Or you can just search yz125 on and just find the year that looks like yours.