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Q: How do you get points on ninjakiwi?
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How do you change your ninjakiwi password?

You can change your ninjakiwi password rather easily. Just log into your ninjakiwi account and navigate to the account settings section and enter in a new password.

How do you put your kongregate data on ninjakiwi?


How do you log out of Ninjakiwi?

Press the LOG OUT button.

How do you get on ninjakiwi at school?

you get in by break dancing in front of your teacher

Were can i play bloons tower defense 5?


Who is the creator of bloons tower defence games?


How do you delete your accout from ninjakiwi?

want to know too

Is there be a bloons tower defense 5?

Yes there is You can find it on ninjakiwi.

Where can you play bloons tower defense 5?

you can play bloons tower defense on ninjakiwi

What do ninjakiwi coins do?

Buy you thing you can use for games. Thats all i know k bye

Does ninjakiwi have viruses? gave me a virus called yontoo. i got it by playing a game called bloons battles multiplayer

What are good gaming websites for kids?

kongregate, nitrome, ninjakiwi freearcade, games2girls, funbrain