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It is: 6*14 = 84 square feet

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Q: How do you get the square footage of a room that is six foot wide and fourteen foot long?
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What is the square footage of a 3.5 foot x 21 foot long hall?

73.5 square feet.

What is the square footage of a triangle 20 foot long a 6 foot 3 in high?

20ft X 6.25ft = 62.5 ft2

What is the square foot of a room that is 187 inches long and 141 inches wide?

The square footage, as in the area? Roughly 183.1 sq. ft.

How to describe square footage?

Square footage is the length multiplied by the width of an area in feet. Imagine this. You have a square piece of fabric (or tile, or wood, or whatever) that is exactly 1 foot long and 1 foot wide, meaning it is perfectly square. The number of these square pieces that you can fit into an area is the measurement in square feet. Of course, if the area is not perfectly squared or rectangled or evenly rounded to the nearest foot, you would have some leftover space using this description. This is why is it better to use the equation of length times width for each section and then adding each sections' square footage together to figure the total square footage.

What are the dimensions of a room with 4400 square feet?

A room's dimensions are not dictated by square footage. For example it might be one foot wide and 4400 feet long, or 220 feet long and 20 feet wide. It could assume any shape: oval, round, square, etc. Square footage is a measurement of area.

How do you determine square footage from linear footage?

Determine length (linear) and how wide is it. Multiply the length times the width and this will give you the total area or square footage. Here is another example: A product is sold by the 20 foot long (linear feet) roll. The specifications state that the product is 2 foot wide x 20 feet long. It is in fact 20 ft. x 2 ft. wide or 40 square feet per roll.

How many square footage is in a 22 feet by 6 foot area?

The area of a rectangle that's 22-ft long and 6-ft wide is 132 square feet.

How i get square footage of a room if it is 16 foot wide and 16 foot long?

You need the height othe room also. Then you multiply 16x16 and then by 4 bc they are four walls in the room.

What is the formula for figuring square footage?

The formula for calculating square footage is a=S2 (a = area and s = side) Example, to calculate the square footage of a room that is 15 feet wide and 12 long, you would multiply 15 x 12, which will give you the square footage.

How many feet wide and long is a room if it has 120 sf?

TO determine square footage you would multiply the length by the width. Therefore a 120 square foot room would be 12 by 10.

What is square footage of room that measures 22' wide by 15' long?

330 square feet

Get the square footage of a room11foot long by13foot?

11 x 13 = 143 square feet

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