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CC is the same thing as a mL. Basically, 1cc = 1mL, so there shouldn't be a problem anymore when giving your cat liquid medicine. Just know that they are the same thing.

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Q: How do you give your cat liquid medicine in cc when you only have a ml measure?
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What can measure only one quantity of liquid?

What can measure only one quantity of liquid?

Can you give an adult dog pain medicine?

no. don't give your dog pain medicine for people. only give what your vet recommends.

Which tool can measure only one quantity of liquid?


How much is one and a quarter teaspoons of medicine?

A standard measure of liquid medication is 5 ml. Then 1 and 1 quarter will be 5 + 1.25 = 6 25 ml, NOT a normal amount. Only used in specialised drugs regimes.

What is the liquid put on a jellyfish sting to help it?

The liquid put on a jellyfish sting can be vinegar or even though it sounds gross, urine.

Can a cat take diazepam or alprazolam?

Do not give your pets your medication - only give pets medicine that is prescribed by your veterinarian.

Doctors order you to give you child 2 teaspoons of cough medicine but they give you only a medicine giver that is in cc how do we convert it?

2 teaspoonsful equals 10 cc (or 10 ml).

Could universal indicator be used to identify a liquid as being pure water?

A pH indicator is used only to measure the pH of the solution.

Will it hurt a kitten if you give it too much worm worm medicine at once?

Yes, this can make the kitten very sick. Only give the correct dose at the correct intervals following the instructions on the medicine package.

What medicine can you give a 20 month old for a cold?

The only medicine that I have given my 24 month old is Tylenol or Motrin, I have never given him anything else.

What medicine is good for epileptic patient?

Only a doctor can give you this info. Please go see one.

How much is 500 mg of liquid if you can only measure in ml?

500 mg of one liquid is highly likely to give a different reading in ml. That is because liquids have different densities and there are some light fluids which may be having different weight but same volume.