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A fraction is never a negative. That is unless you are in some sort of advanced math thing. But for the basics you should not have to worry about that. A fraction is always just a normal fraction.

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Q: How do you know if a fraction is negative or positive when multiplying?
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When multiplying and dividing rational numbers how do you know if you're into me positive negative?

It the signs of the two numbers that you are multiplying or dividing is the same, then the answer is positive, otherwise the answer is negative. Remember though, that division by 0 is not defined.

6 divided by negative 1?

-6 Yes the answer would be -6. But in order to get that answer you must know this: positive divided by a positive = positive positive divided by a negative = a negative negative divided by a positive = a negative negative divided by a negative = positive (also note: it's the same formula for multiplying)

When multiplying and dividing rational numbers how do you know if the answer will be a negative?

It the two rational numbers have different signs, then the answer will be negative, otherwise it will be positive.

What is a negative plus a negative minus a positive?

0, Because you don't know how negative or how positive! 0, Because you don't know how negative or how positive!

Why does a negative number times a negative number have a positive product?

If I were you, I'd ask the same thing. When you're multiplying with different signs, the product will always change. Think of it as this... There is 1 negative. So it's a negative. But when there's 2 negatives, it's a positive. If you still don't get it, ask someone who might know. But this is what I learned. So, don't think of them as signs, but as a pattern. 1 Negative = negative 2 Negative = positive 3 Negative = negative 4 Negative = positive And so on...

How do you know if a cation is positive or negative?

Cations are always positive, anions are negative.

How do you know if you have a negative or positive axis?

Negative is the bottom half and positive is the top

Why does the product of 4 negative numbers equal a positive?

If you know that the product of 2 negative numbers is positive, then the product of 4 negative numbers has to be positive. The product of the first two negative numbers is positive and the next two negative numbers is positive. Multiplying the product of the first two numbers (positive number) and the product of the last two numbers (also positive), is a positive number times a positive number which is positive. Let a, b, c and d be negative numbers: (a*b*c*d) = (a*b)*(c*d) (-ve*-ve*-ve*-ve)=(-ve*-ve)*(-ve*-ve)= (+ve)*(+ve) = (+ve)

Why does multiplying negative integers by negative integers result in positive integers?

Any negative integer can be factored to -1 times its positive value. Because negative one times itself is positive one, when multiplied by each other they cancel out. So if you're multiplying a negative integer A by a negative integer B. Replace A and B with -1*|A| and -1*|B| (You can do this because you know A and B are negative), and use the distributive property to rearrange them. Now you can see the -1*-1 term and equate it to 1, leaving only the |A| and |B| behind. Because two positive numbers multiplied together are always positive, the result will always be positive. Represented algebraically, as long as A and B are negative integers, the following is true: AB = -1|A|*-1|B| = -1*-1|AB| = |AB|.

Can 2 Rh negative parents have a positive child?

No, it can't happen. if one of the parents or both are +, the child will be Positive. I don't know if 2 negatives can have a positive. But i do know that if one of the parents is positive and the other is negative, you can have a either a positive or negative child. (I have twins, one is negative and the other is positive.)

What is positive muliptly by negative?

A negative. You really should know that.

How do you know positive and negative terminals?

Look for a + by the positive terminal and a - by the negative terminal, or red for positive, black for negative. Some batteries have the positive terminal protruding and the negative terminal flat. Or you can get a meter that will tell you which is which,

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