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when you're really good in that kind of equation, but cannot, no matter what u do, CANNOT figure it out! when you look it up and can't find the answer in the back of the book. It depends on what kind of problem it is.

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By solving the equation. If you get some contradictory equation, the original equation has no solution, assuming you did everything correctly. For example, if you solve:x + 3 = x + 2

by subtracting x on both sides, you get:

3 = 2

which is always false (regardless of the value of "x").

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When an equation is based on false assumptions, you know that it has not solution. At other times, you may be able to tell through trying to solve the equation and constantly failing.

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Q: How do you know when an equation has no solution?
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How do you know if a value a is a solution to an equation?

If this value a satisfy the equation, then a is a solution for that equation. ( or we can say that for the value a the equation is true)

How do you know if an equation is equivalent?

An equation is equivalent to another equation, if they have the same solution.

What is an equation that has no solution called?

An equation that has no solution is called an equation that has no solution.

What is the solution to an equation?

a solution to an equation is the answer

What is the difference in solution and equation?

A solution is the answer to an equation.

Why do we represent the solution to an inequality with a graph on a number line but we don't do the same for the solution to an equation?

An equation has an equal sign, which means that we know what the variable is equal to :)

Can you solve an equation if it has no solution?

Every equation has a solution.

What is Solution of the equation?

In algebraic terms, the solution is the answer to equation.

What is the difference between a situation and a solution equation?

A situation equation follows the order of the story problem.For instance:Johnny has 8 apples, he eats some, and has 3 left.The situation equation would be: 8 - a = 3A solution equation is the equation that would help you find the solution. Your brain doesn't automatically know what "a" is, it has to rearrange the order of the equation and then solve.The solution equation would be: 8 - 3 = a, then you would solve it.

How do you know when a number is not a solution of an equation?

When you put the number in place of the variable (like maybe the 'x' or the 'y') wherever the variable occurs in the equation, and the statement you get out of all the numbers you have is not true, then you know the number is not a solution.

How do you know if a quadratic equation will have one two or no solutions How do you find a quadratic equation if you are only given the solution Is it possible to have different quadratic equation?

Draw the graph of the equation. the solution is/are the points where the line cuts the x(horisontal) axis .

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