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draw an arc 7/10 of the diameter after you draw a circle

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Q: How do you make a seven petaled flower with a compass for geometry?
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What is A seven sided figured is called?

In geometry, a heptagon is a polygon with seven sides and seven angles.

How many sides to a hepatgon?

In geometry, a heptagon is a polygon with seven sides and seven angles.

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How do you make a flower with a compass for geometry?

It is really easy to make a flower with only a compass... All you need is: A pencil (sharp or a lead pencil) A compass Some paper There are seven simple steps to do this: First of all, you draw a circle on the paper. Let's call this circle the base circle. Then put the point of the compass anywhere on the line of the circle you have just made. Then, draw the circle but only inside the base circle. Or, if it is tricky, you can draw the whole circle and rub out the line outside the base circle. Now, put the compass point exactly where the line you just drew meets the line of the base circle. Now, repeat the previous step again. Then, do this step. Keep doing this until you end up with a six petal flower. To make it more interesting you can: Do more than one flower on the same base circle. So, you start in the middle of two petals and end up with a 12 petal flower. You can,on the same paper, do a smaller flower so there is a big flower and a small flower. You can colour it in to make ot look bright and nicer. You can colour with light shades and dark shades - for example, you can colour it using light red, normal red and dark red. You can also use things like blow pens/glitter/felt pens/colour opencils/normal pencils with different shades etc. You can cut it out and cut the petals till halfway to the middle point so that the petals stick up a bit and it looks more 3D. You can do a lot with this technique...hope this helps!!!

How many angles does a heptagon hav?

A heptagon has seven angles an seven sides. It's a polygon in geometry.

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ICQ has a flower with seven green petals and one red petal as their logo.

Is Parijat Flower a monocot?

No. Parijat has sometimes seven petals.

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A flower whose name contains seven letters, the second being E, is Gerbera. Gerberas grow in a variety of colors.

How many sepals are there in daffodil flower?

There are seven seplas (petals) in a doffodil

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