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The answer depends on what you want to measure: its mass, length, "equatorial" circumference, volume, density, temperature, conductivity, ...

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Q: How do you measure coconut correctly?
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What is a standard unit needed to measure a quantity correctly?

To measure a physical quantity correctly and need to compare it with some standard quantities. Thus a standard unit is needed to measure a quantity correctly.

How many deciliter in 1 can of coconut milk?

A "can of coconut milk" is not a unit of measure! However, to give you the benefit of the doubt, had you said "How many deciliters in a 400ml can of coconut milk" then the answer would have been 4.

How to determine viscosity of coconut oil?

To determine the viscosity of coconut oil measure how sticky or thick it is.

Why does you need to measure correctly of a substance of water?

kasi mhal kta reshma

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To make sure you're growing/growing correctly.

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you first measure it on your protractor correctly then you use it:)

I want to substitute 1 cup of shredded coconut for coconut flavoring. How do I measure the flavoring so it's not too much?

This will greatly affect the texture and volume of the cake. Begin with a few drops and taste the mixture.

How do you measure head correctly for a riding hat?

A hat size is measured by using a tape measure. Put the tape measure at the top of the forehead by the hairline. Wrap the tape measure around the head.

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same - 2 measure of each with 1 measure of rum. Blend with measure (or to taste) of crushed ice, drink from Collins glass with garnish of pineapple. After that experiment with your own proportions

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I didnt know coconut came in a box, just a bag, and its usually any size from an oz to a pound.

When a digital camera does not measure a picture's tone correctly a color cast occurs?

yes it does