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predicting the exact lotto numbers is impossible; the chances of winning fare and square is about 40,000,000 to 1, (literally). Have fun!

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Q: How do you pick the right lotto numbers?
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What are some Lotto numbers that will win for Maryland?

You have to pick your own Lotto numbers and hope they win as there is no way to predict the winning Lotto numbers.

How much do you win for 4 numbers on the lottery?

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How do you predict the lotto numbers?

you just pick numbers you feel a spark with...... like pick the ones you think will win with or pop up at you.......if other people win the lato you can do it......

What's a good lotto number generator I can use to win?

It's definitely easier for computers to automatically generate numbers for you. Go to websites such as and to create the numbers.

Where does the Super Lotto originate from?

The Super Lotto is a Lottery based out of California. Pick 5 lucky numbers anywhere between 1 and 47 and one MEGA number from 1 - 27 on a Super Lotto payslip. Then wait until the lucky numbers are drawn. Match all 6 numbers, and win the Jackpot.

Do you win anything for only getting two numbers right in super lotto?


What are the most frequently drawn lotto numbers in SA?

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What does lotto usually refer to?

Lotto usually refers to a game of luck. It's a game where a player picks a certain amount of numbers, invests money, and if he gets his numbers right, he gets the prize.

Hottest numbers for UK lotto?

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What are the best lotto numbers?

you can get the best <a href=">lotto</a> numbers for yourself at this site.

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Can you buy master balls in Pokemon platinum?

You can't buy them.You have to get all the numbers right in the lotto...