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Force = [ mass x length / time2 ]

Energy = [ force x length ] = [ mass x length / time2 ] x [ length ] = [ mass x length2 / time2 ]

Mass = [ mass ]

c2 = [ length2 / time2 ]

The equation proposes that

Energy = [ mass ] x [ c2 ] .

From the dimensions above,

[ mass x length2 / time2 ] ?=? [ mass ] x [ length2 / time2 ]

The dimensional equivalence is right there, with no further fiddling.

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Q: How do you prove that E equals mc2 is dimensionally correct?
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What theory is e equals mc?

The correct equation is E = mc2. It's Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

Was e equals mc2 correct?

E=mc2 was correct, according to various sources. This theory represents that a small amount of matter can release a large amount of energy. An example to prove the answer to this question is a nuclear reaction, or explosion. This equation stands for Energy equals the mass of an object times the speed of light (299792458 m/s) squared (represented by c2). Because even a small mass times the spped of light squared is a unit of energy beyond imagining.

Who coined the formula e equals m square?

The correct formula is E = mc2 (E equals m c squared) and it was coined by Albert Einstein.

What is mc2 in E equals mc2?

E (Energy) equals M (Mass) times C2 (speed of light square)

Is E equals MC2 a force?

No. E=mc2 is a formula. Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.

Where did albert Einstein create the formula 3 equals mc2?

The formula is E=mc2.

Was there any problems with e equals mc2?


Is E equals mc2 real?

yes it is.

M in E equals mc2?


E equals mc2 what does the c stand for?

E=MC2The E represents the units of energyThe M represents the units of massThe C Represents the Speed of LightE=MC2 means Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. Although this is not 100% correct it is very close!

E equals mc2 is correct or not?

That equation explains many observations accurately, and accurately predicts many situations that have been confirmed by experiment. As far as is known now, it's true and correct.

Who discovered E equals mc2?

The concept of E=MC2 was discovered by Henri Poincare.