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I thought circumference is only with circles

Absolutely correct, but even if you consider the perimeter, which is conceptually similar, there is no answer.

A rectangle with an area of 24 could be 4*6 with a perimeter of 20

or it could be 1*24 with a perimeter of 50

or 0.5*48 with a perimeter of 97


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Q: How do you show the circumference of a rectangle with an area of 24?
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Find the area and circumference of 24?

If the object is a circle and if 24 is the diameter, the area is 452.39 and the circumference is 75.4

What is the square inches of a rectangle 28 by 24?

The rectangle's area is 28*24=672 inches2.

What is the area of a rectangle that measures 8cm by 3cm?

The area of rectangle is : 24.0

What is the circumference of a 15 by 24 pool?

Actually, since your pool is a rectangle, it will have a perimeter instead of a circumference. That is the distance around the outside. To get that, add all sides together. 15+15+24+24= the perimeter.

If a rectangle has sides of 2ft and 12ft what is the area?

Area of rectangle: 2 times 12 = 24 square feet

What is the area of a rectangle if the length is 24 inches and the width is 3 inches?

Area of a rectangle = L W = (24 x 3) = 72 square inches.

The area of a rectangle is 450 square inches if the length of the rectangle is 24 inches what is is the width?

In getting the area of a rectangle, the formula is length x width.Given the length 24 and the area 450:450 divided by 24 will give you 18.5.length - 24width - 18.5area - 450Checking:24 x 18.5 = 450

What is the base of a rectangle has an area of 24 cm and a height of 6 cm.?

Base of rectangle: 24/6 = 4 cm

What would be a greater perimeter but a smaller area to a question of 24 and a area of 27?

Perimeter = 24 and area = 27 . . . . . rectangle, 3 by 9 Perimeter = 32 and area = 15 . . . . . rectangle, 1 by 15

What is the height of a cylinder that has a diameter of 24 yards and a surface area of 1206 square yards and how do you find that out?

The circumference is 24*Pi yards.The surface area = circumference x heightthereforeheight = surface area / circumference = 1206 sq.yd. / 24*Pi yd. = 15.9951 yards or 16 yards (rounded).

What is the area of a 16 centimeters by 24 centimeters rectangle?

Area = 16*24 = 384 square cm

What is the area of a rectangle 24 yd by 74 yd?

Area = 24*74 = 1776 square yards