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Q: How do you show your work for distributive properties?
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What properties do the distributive property work for?

addition and subtraction * * * * * No. The distributive property applies to two operations, for example, to multiplication over addition or subtraction.

How distributive and commutative properties can be used to show that two or more expressions are equivalent?

distributive is just a longer way to show the equation and commutative is the numbers combined. Example: 4(5+x) is the distibutive and the equal equation that is commutative is 20+4x

What is the properties under multiplication?

commutative, associative, distributive

How many properties in addition are there?

There are four properties. Commutative . Associative . additive identity and distributive.

What are all the multiplacation properties?

No it's distributive and other stuff

What are the mathematical properties?

the mathematical properties are the distributive property,the associative property,the communitive oroperty,and the identity property

What are the four properties of multiplication?

commutative, associative, distributive and multiplicative identity

What are the math properties?

They are the associative property, distributive property and the commutative property.

What are properties in mathematics?

Properties of MathThe properties are associative, commutative, identity, and distributive. * * * * *There is also the transitive propertyIf a > b and b > c then a > c.

How Does the distributive property work for subtraction?

doesnt work

Does distributive work with addition?


In math what are properties?

distributive, associative, commutative, and identity (also called the zero property)